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Gathering And Managing Information In Your Business

Running a business is hard work and can take a lot out of you over time.  Before starting a business and jumping head strong into your tasks you want to think about some key features and components as well as what to do with these when they are gathered. 

When gathering information, there are many ways to do it.  To start you can use custom carbon copy forms or you can go the digital route and create web-based forms.  Either way, you are trying to capture the information from your client or prospect to be used later.

Make sure your questions are clear and precise

You want to make sure that your questions you ask are clear and precise.  When asking for information the last thing that you want to do is ask questions that confuse your prospects.  If you ask confusing questions, then you will either get no answers or you will get confusing response.

Have enough room for responses

One killer that you will find on your forms is the lack of space.  When creating a form make sure that you give enough space for people to reply.  You will want to keep the space between the lines wide enough for people to write and small enough to give enough space. 

When people write out responses, they can be messy and unreadable.  So, when you receive your responses ask them to read anything that you can’t determine to be written.  Also, don’t just state what you think the answer is.  This can be very dangerous if you are using a medical form or if you are taking information of a personal matter.

Store your response in a secure location

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It is important that you keep your response in a secure location.  Data protection and integrity is vital to the use of your data.  If your data becomes corrupt or changes without your knowledge then you will have to throw it all out and start all over.